Custom Canvas Print - 1 Piece

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Take that favorite photo of yours and bring them to life in the form of a canvas print! Made with high-quality canvas and printed using premium ink, the one piece custom canvas wall art is durable and waterproof with long-lasting color.

You may upload your photo above. Only photos with a minimum width of 800px can be accepted. For optimum print quality, please refer to the information below for minimum image sizes.

We will assist with the cropping of the photos if it is not in the exact size. Please look out for your email as we will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your order with a sample. We will process the order only after we have received your confirmation. 


  • Size 1: 8" x 12" - 1 piece (minimum 800px by 1200px)
  • Size 2: 12" x 16" - 1 piece (minimum 1200px by 1600px)
  • Size 3: 14" x 20" - 1 piece (minimum 1400px x 2000px)
  • Size 4: 18" x 24" - 1 piece (minimum 1800px x 2400px)
  • Size 5: 24" x 32" - 1 piece (minimum 2400px x 3200px)
  • Size 6: 24" x 36" - 1 piece (minimum 2400px x 3600px)
  • Size 7: 30" x 40" - 1 piece (minimum 3000px x 4000px)


Delivery & Returns

Expected Delivery: The production usually ranges from 4-7 business days. For estimated shipping times, check out this section.

Returns Eligibility: Please send it back undamaged in its original packaging. You may contact our support staff here for assistance.